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New product on the market!


Biolatte Subtilis contains a new patented microbe strain Bacillus subtilis that has an exceptional ability to survive and remain stabile even in hard conditions. Clinical research shows its special ability to efficiently stimulate body's natural defenses.

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Superzym now in new size!

superzym kaikki

Biolatte Superzym enhances digestion when the body's own enzyme function is weakened. Enzymes taken with meals help the intestines to break up foods into forms that are more easily absorbed by the body. Biolatte Superzym in now available in also in a bigger package size – 110 capsules. Suitable for the whole family!

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Products for animals

Anicol tuotteet ryhmkuva ilman

Biolatte Oy works in close co-operation with Anicol Oy developing and producing high quality probiotic products for animals.

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Sc. boulardii