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DELATTE (the founder of Biolatte Oy in 2002) has a long history in the research of lactic bacteria. He started to use lactic acid bacteria already in 1980 with fur animals (report published in 1986 at the World Conference of York, UK).

After 5 years of observation on animals Yves Delatte claimed that “70% of the immunity is in the colon”.He filed an International patent in 1989, linking the Immunity with the Colonic flora.

When he decided to apply the same findings on humans after 1986, it was logical to start using similar formulations that were used for animals, as we are all mammals.

The original formulation for animals consisted of 4 to 5 dairy strains of lactic bacteria (a multi strains probiotic concept) à 10E8 CFU/g with an addition of carbohydrates to support the growth of the bacteria, because the product was mixed with wet feed and allowed to ferment before being given to animals.

At first, the formulation designed for humans was identical to the product for animal feed, it was packed in jars or in sachets of 2,5g at a power >10E9 CFU/g. His product, the first probiotic for human use, was sold in Holland (1991), in France (1995) and later in Finland and in the Baltic states. To satisfy the needs of the market Delatte also started to pack the product into capsules.

However, in 1995 Delatte realized that the formulation as he had done since 1989 was not the best for human use and needed some improvements.

Dairy strains are cheap but are not really adapted to the human flora. Delatte started to search for better strains which would stick to the epithelium and to the colonic mucosa, which he called “human-specific bacteria”.

Human specific bacteria are bacteria which stick to the mucosa naturally because of their cell walls structure is compatible with the lining of the mucosa, as the two sides of a zip. (Some few dairy bacteria can be human specific due to a long evolutionary process). Hence human colonic strains of lactic bacteria are best suited for the manufacture of probiotics for humans.

For the making of silages, the bacteria had to be fed with a proper mix of sugars and of carbohydrates, because the bacteria were growing outside the gastro-intestinal track of the animal, an in vitro environment.

In a probiotic for human use, the bacteria are mostly absorbed while still lyophilized, which means that they need time before being reactivated, and another delay before they are multiplying, and still an another time laps before they start to make their immune-modulating components. Bacteria which are not multiplying are just proteins. The whole time laps, from the lyophilized stage to the multiplication stage can be as long as ten hours in vivo, depending of each individual. Therefore, the excipients made for a probiotic silage product have no validity for a human probiotic.

In the same way, to protect the bacteria against gastric acid is simply a non-sense, as most of the bacteria are not killed by acid, but only inhibited by it, the way of mother Nature to delay the development of pathogens in the digestive track.

The original silage formulation of Delatte has been copied by the many probiotic companies, meaning that, what is offered on the market by these new-comers is basically the same formulation as used in silage, with some cosmetic changes.

The number of bacteria in the probiotics offered on the market went from six to twelve, twelve to fifteen, even to twenty-four. It should be easy to understand that more there are different strains of bacteria in a capsule, weaker is their CFU/g count, as there cannot be enough room for all of them at high concentration.

Many manufacturers offer the same product presented in different packages, with similar formulations, the only differences between them being the ratio of ingredients being shifted upside down and left to right and vice versa to arrive at a good total of 100%. The different products are claimed to be made for children, for babies, for women, for adults, for older men or women, very often these are the same formulations in different boxes with different colors. There are only lactic bacteria for colonic health, some with immune-modulating properties, the rest is only marketing and false science.

Nowadays, the market of probiotics is not regulated. We assist to a tsunami of new products: this is a pity because a good technology can get a bad reputation when it is misused and not controlled.

There are numerous works done about probiotics, but these mean little in reality: these tests, mostly done in vitroconditions (test tube conditions) are far from the in vivoreality (the body): body temperature, metabolism, nutrition & diet, genetics and biorhythm are not taken into consideration, and thus no matter how good and promising the laboratory results are, they do not correspond to the reality. Very often these tests are just disguised marketing, designed for a very naïve buyer.

At most, we know what comes in, and we know what is going out, but, between, this is still the black box mystery, and scientists are still trying to figure out what is happening.

It has to be taken into consideration that whatever contents you have in a probiotic will separate and disintegrate already before having reached the stomach. To claim that A+B+C together is better than A and B and C separately is simply not validin vivoconditions. Bacteria mixes with 5 to 10 or even 24 bacteria components or bacteria mixed with minerals, vitamins and inulin are meaningless because all these different elements will not stay together during the digestive and colonic transit. To claim the opposite is simply ignoring physiology and false science.

Delatte and Biolatte Oy has the policy of respecting their customers. It means that we make products with the highest available quality, with the highest efficiency, avoiding making false claims and avoiding to misleading our customers. We understand human anatomy and physiology and we try to understand the process of pain, illness and recovery from diseases. We know that a healthy colon, is the key for a better health.

Our quality policy is:

1:-Biolatte does not use toxic capsules nor any toxic ingredients, 2:-Biolatte always uses the highest concentration of micro-organisms as possible, 3:-Biolatte uses only allergens free materials, 4:-Biolatte tests each production for CFU/g, for any pathogens, and for humidity,  5:-Biolatte does not make cocktails, and concentrates only on the colon, 6:-Biolatte only uses high quality active ingredients, which are supported by serious scientific studies to back our claims. 7:-Each of our products has its own specific use and its own specific area of action.

The acceptance and effectiveness of our products is our best publicity.


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